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Here is the marketing tools arsenal we use at FractalMax. Some of these tools are game-changing for our business. Scroll till the end to not miss anything. These tools are for beginners in online business and established brands ­čÜÇ

Laurence Zimmermann

Founder & CEO of FractalMax

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This will allow you to create your Hub, which is much more than a website, it's your home on the internet. This new concept will immediately make a real difference in your business growth. No hosting provider is needed, it's included in your plan. Nothing similar exists in the marketplace right now, stay tuned for a big announcement.



AWeber is an autoresponder. It's one of the basic tools that you will need when you have an online business. It's crucial to control your marketing and own your list. Building your list of subscribers is not optional, it helps you to build trust and long-term relationships. You can get the AWeber Free Plan at the beginning, but if you are serious about building your business, the paid plan is a "Must Have".

Top Features

  • Easy Drag and Drop builder.

    Easy Drag and Drop builder.

  • Automate tasks and save time.

  • High deliverability.

  • Drive traffic to your hub or website.

  • Increase sales and profits.

  • Easy segmentation of your audience.

    Easy segmentation of your audience.

  • Landing page builder at no additional cost.

  • Newsletter templates.

  • Cost effective.

  • Great customer support.

Webinar Fuel


This is one of the game-changing tools you need to take a closer look at if you are interested in doing webinars. You probably already heard that a webinar is extremely effective to get more leads and sales especially if you are selling high-ticket products or coaching. I personally use it for affiliate marketing because the only way to separate yourself from other businesses is to do things in a different way. It's a key tool in our marketing arsenal.

Top Features

  • It runs 24/7 on complete autopilot.

    It runs 24/7 on complete autopilot.

  • Optimize and scale easily.

  • Reduce pressure! Record it once.

  • You will get the "Live event" feeling.

  • Increase conversion rate.

  • You're in control of the playback experience.

  • Split test browser vs app playback.

  • Customizable webinar registration.



This is "THE" tool we were looking for at FractalMax for copyright protection. Stop letting piracy still your expertise, talent, and revenue! Protecting your online courses, ebooks, software plugins, blueprints, NFTs, art, music or any other digital product you create and sell is vital. Harvel allows you to automate copyright protection 24/7 365. They are working with google and hosting companies to take down infringed content and protect content creators.



Diib helps business owners to improve their SEO. They have a lot of interesting and helpful features. They make SEO much easier by giving you actionable steps that you can do, even if you are not techi. You can benefit book a strategic call every month with a Diib SEO expert. Diib can help you increase traffic and ranking faster.

Top Features

  • Find new keywords opportunity.

  • Improve the areas where it's needed.

  • Zoom Call with SEO experts (Pro plan)

  • Benchmarking - Track your progress.

  • Website monitoring.

  • Daily website health score.

  • Actionable steps to improve your SEO.

  • The platform is easy to use.



Create unique targeted content for 10x customer conversions. CrawlQ is a tool that helps you to understand your buyer persona, your "Fred" as they say.

CrawlQ is a powerful AI content creation tool for all types of businesses, from marketers to corporations. It helps you reach your target audience and generate highly personalized content quickly. You will have a small learning curve when you start with CrawlQ, but it's worth your investment because you will save much time moving forward. Read the CrawlQ Case study about how we 5x our ahrefs Domain Rating (DR) in 6 weeks.

Top Features

  • The platform is easy to use

  • Create answers that generate 5x more leads.

  • Increase 5x conversion and revenue.

  • Research your target audience.

  • Advanced AI creates niche targeted content.

  • Emotionally captivate your target audience.

  • Create short and long-form content.

  • The summarizer creates social media snippets.



Outranking will help you create beautiful SEO-optimized articles in a matter of minutes. This tool will help you create the outline of your articles in less than 15 minutes and outrank your competition!

You can create factual web content from video transcripts, documentation, e-com products, or custom research within minutes with step-by-step instructions to optimize your content for SEO and analyze competitive SERP data.

Top Features

  • Create high-quality SEO optimized content.

  • Create factual web content from video transcripts.

  • SEO data and SERP analysis.

  • Write content at 10x speed.

  • Outlines in under 15 minutes.

  • Auto create meta descriptions that have SEO value.

  • Write custom AI Methods for specific workflows.

  • Optimize all of the important SEO elements for higher ranking.



Create short videos from webinars and texts in a matter of minutes. Pictory is a powerful video content creation tool for your business. This AI-powered software helps you to create branded videos for social media. You will save a huge amount of time using this tool.

Top Features

  • Increase engagement with short videos.

  • AI gives you high-quality content.

  • Do videos for social media very quickly.

  • No complex video editing.

  • Add captions to videos.

  • Create social media posts from webinars.

  • Create videos from texts.

  • Post production in minutes.


Are you struggling with content creation for social media? Here is an effective solution that will allow you to post consistently on Instagram and Facebook. does almost all the work for you! Design creation, caption writing, hashtags, you'll find everything you need in one place. You can publish your posts directly from the platform. will save you a lot of time, especially if you're a small business owner, an affiliate marketer, a creator, or an influencer.

Top Features

  • Beautiful creatives powered by AI.

  • Research the most relevant Hashtags.

  • Engaging captions powered by AI.

  • Edit your creatives quickly and easily if needed.

  • Calendar to schedule all your posts.

  • Creatives with your brand colors.

  • Possibility to get multiple workspaces.

  • Analyze your competition effectively.



This is a very useful tool if you are looking to develop your YouTube channel. TubeBuddy will help you optimize your channel and get better results. With tubeBuddy you can easily optimize the SEO of your videos to rank higher in search results. Their SEO studio is very well done, which saves a lot of time daily! 3,000,000 YouTube creators and brands use TubeBuddy... and best of all they have a free version!

Top Features

  • Optimize the SEO of your videos easily.

  • Rank higher in search results.

  • Get more views and subscribers.

  • Explore powerful keywords.

  • Grow your YouTube channel faster.

  • Get started easily.

  • Prepare your video optimization in advance.

  • Tag rankings.



Canva is a free online graphic design software that allows users to create professional designs with minimum effort. It also enables you to convert your images and photo into PDF or other extensions. They have a lot of features available, even for free accounts, just sign up for an account and start designing in minutes using your favorite photos, fonts, and templates. Every image has been pre-set with the optimal dimensions (width, height, border).

Top Features

  • Thousands of inspiring designs

  • Share your work easily.

  • Designs for all your needs.

  • Work alone or with a team.

  • Create beautiful posts for social media.

  • Create beautiful presentations.

  • Create Instagram stories, YouTube shorts, etc.

  • Collaborate very easily.



Royalty-free music for all your business projects. Discover exceptional works of musicians every week. Don't worry about licensing because your subscription is your license! Soundstripe has also a stunning library of SFX if you need sound effects. The platform is easy to use.

Top Features

  • Music for all project types.

  • SFX sounds.

  • Intuitive platform, easy to use.

  • Simple licensing process (no headache!).

  • Commercial and personal use.

  • Curated playlists.

  • Adobe Premiere Pro & Twitch extensions.

  • YouTube channel and video clearance.

Envato Elements


Envato is a marketplace for digital assets, where you can buy and sell graphics, video templates, and audio. They have millions of items in their portfolio and thousands of new products are added every single day. You will find everything that has to do with design elements, fonts, illustrations, stock photos, and so on. They have a free plan but it's limited. 

Top Features

  • Unlimited download, no credits or limits.

  • Great value for your money.

  • Videos, illustrations, fonts, WordPress themes.

  • Easy licensing.

  • High-quality library of digital assets.

  • Music and sound effects.

  • User friendly platform.

  • Affordable.



Grammarly is a grammar checking tool that will help you write mistake free and great looking articles. It's used as a proofreading and writing assistant by top bloggers, entrepreneurs, advanced writers, or even students who have to submit their work. They have a free version.

Top Features

  • Write with confidence.

  • AI-powered writing assistant

  • Identify grammar and spelling mistakes.

  • Plagiarism checker.

  • Improve your writing style.

  • Fix punctuation errors.

  • Useful Chrome extension.

  • Free version if you are on a budget.



Fiverr is a global marketplace for services. People from all over the world buy and sell digital services on the platform. You will find everything you need for your business: copywriting, graphic design, video creation, social media management, web developers, virtual assistant, and more. First, you can create a free account, the prices of services are not too high, and it's a good platform if you are just getting started with your online business.

Top Features

  • High-quality services at every price point.

  • The work can be done quickly.

  • Protected payment.

  • 24/7 support.

  • Connect to freelancers easily.

  • Makes your job easier.

  • Boost your business growth.

  • Find almost everything your need.



Growing on Instagram can be very challenging. Flick is trusted by 20,000 creators, brands, and marketers. It's a powerful tool that will help you to identify relevant hashtags for your Instagram account in a matter of minutes. You can reach new audiences faster and discover which hashtags are working best for you. Also, you have no risk of using banned hashtags with Flick because you can audit them.

Top Features

  • Build a hashtag strategy on autopilot.

  • Quickly search for the best Instagram hashtags.

  • Data-driven insights on your hashtags usage.

  • See the hashtags you ranked on.

  • Improve your organic reach.

  • Create custom filters.

  • Never worry about using banned hashtags.

  • Benchmarks to compare your account to others.



Miro mindmap is a top-notch mind mapping software. You can download it for free. Miro mindmap has a user-friendly interface and a beautiful layout.

Top Features

  • Create beautiful mindmaps, flowcharts, etc.

  • Intuitive mindmap tool.

  • Infinite virtual whiteboard.

  • Real-time collaboration.

  • Multiple design styles.

  • Auto-arrange your map.

  • Easy sharing with your team.

  • Increase your productivity.



Bluehost is a hosting service where you can also buy your domain names. You can easily have domain privacy and SEO services. They have 24/7 support which is very helpful.

Top Features

  • Find a domain name for your business.

  • Build a website with WordPress.

  • Access to free and premium website themes.

  • Install various plugins.

  • Easy domain management and auto-renewal.

  • Domain privacy.

  • SEO services.

  • Website migration service.



Reach more people when you stream using Melon. With one click, you can go live on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Twitch at the same time. Record your live stream or record without going live! Then you can upload your video on YouTube. You can also add your own branding and as a host, you have complete control over the appearance of your stream.

Top Features

  • Stream on multiple platforms simultaneously.

  • Simple to use even for non techi people.

  • Add easily your own branding.

  • Your guests don't need an account.

  • Plan and share with guests ahead of time.

  • Custom RTMP works too.

  • Stream in 1080p.

  • Customize with themes.

Cookie Script


Cookie script is a consent platform that helps you to be compliant with the latest privacy regulation like GRPD, CCPA, LGPD, etc. The platform is easy to use and understand. The price is attractive for all the features they propose. Cookie compliance is not optional, every serious business needs it. Non-compliance with privacy regulations can cost you a lot of money, check if your website is compliant with Cookie Script. You can see it in action on our Hub :)

Top Features

  • Professional Privacy Policy generator.

  • Cookie control according to user preference.

  • Cookie consent manager.

  • Compliance with GRPD, CCPA, LGPD, PIPEDA, KVKK, POPIA.

  • Scan automatically your website cookies.

  • Integrated with the most popular systems.

  • IAB TCF 2.0 integration.

  • One account for all websites.

Legal Bundles


Do you start an online business or already have a business? These legal bundles are what you need to protect your business and ensure compliance with the law. You'll feel relieved to have these legal templates! These templates are written by an actual lawyer. DO NOT trust the free templates you can find on the internet. It's for bloggers, marketers, coaches, freelancers, and any online entrepreneur. You will have access to the Private Facebook group and lifetime free updates!

8 Reasons To Get A Legal Bundle

  • Protect your online business.

  • Ensure compliance with the law.

  • Comprehensive legal templates

  • Easy to use legal templates

  • Lifetime free updates!

  • Private Facebook Group.

  • You feel relieved and less stressed.

  • Templates and Bundles are affordable.