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Independent Contractor Template

This contract is for you if you are a freelancer or if you hire freelancers. This important legal document is important for your business. This template is easy to use and customizable with your information.

Privacy Policy Template

Having a Privacy Policy for your website is Mandatory. The Privacy Policy informs your website visitors about how you collect and use their personal information. CCPA and GDPR compliant

Comprehensive Legal Bundle


Do you plan to launch a business or already operate one? You require these legal packages to safeguard your company. It is for internet entrepreneurs, including bloggers, marketers, coaches, and freelancers. You will enjoy free lifetime updates and access to the Private Facebook group. This is priceless. Choose one of these legal bundles now! With each bundle, you will get incredible bonuses.

Confidentiality Agreement (NDA)

When you talk about confidential information related to your business, you need a confidentiality agreement (NDA). This is needed to protect your business secrets and avoid others stealing your ideas.

Terms and Conditions Templates

You need this template if you have created an E-book or other digital products. It also works for printed books. With this template, you can stop worrying that someone steals your work.

Copyright & Disclaimer Template

You need this template if you have created an E-book or other digital products. It also works for printed books. With this template, you can stop worrying that someone steals your work.

Coaches Legal Bundle


Are you starting a coaching business? Or maybe you already have a coaching business, but you don't have the protection you need to ensure compliance with the law. The Coaches Legal Bundle is affordable and will bring your peace of mind.

Get 4 amazing bonuses worth $650 for Free.

Partnership Agreement Template

Do you want to partner with two or more people to operate a business? The Partnership Agreement Template includes important legal provisions to protect yourself and your partners.

LLC Operating Agreement Template

Do You want to start a business and chose an LLC? This LLC Operating Agreement Template legitimizes your business and clearly separates your business from your personal assets.

Bloggers Legal Bundle


Do you have a blog, or would you like to start a blog? Get the Bloggers Legal Bundle and protect your business. Complying with the law is essential if you don't want to get into trouble!

Get the 5 awesome bonuses with $700 for free.

Sponsored Post Contract Template

Are you a blogger or an influencer who wants to work with brands and produce content? The Sponsored Posts Contract Template will protect your legal and financial interests. Get your customizable template and start building relationships with brands.

Sweepstakes Terms & Conditions Template

Running giveaways is a great way to grow your business. You will need terms and conditions to make your giveaway legal and comply with FTC and FCC rules.

Freelancers Legal Bundle


Are you a virtual assistant, designer, writer, photographer, social media manager, or any freelancer or clients hiring freelancers? The Freelancers Legal Bundle will protect your business.

Get 5 incredible bonuses worth $700 for free.

Affiliate Agreement Template

Do you want affiliates to promote your products? You need to protect yourself with an affiliate contract. In fact, if your affiliates make mistakes, you could be held legally liable.

Membership Agreement Template

This template is for you if you have a free or paid membership site. This will help you protect yourself and bring you peace of mind. + 5 bonuses worth $600


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