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We are looking for guest blog posts. Please read our guidelines before submitting any content and follow these 2 simple steps. Once your guest post pitch has been approved, you can submit your content using the form at the end of this page.

You are at least 18 years old.

We do not pay individuals or companies to contribute to our blog.

Step 1: Guest post pitch requirements

Do not send your guest blog post now. Send us your guest post pitch first:

- Guest post title(s)

- A brief outline of your guest post topic (bullet points)

- Link to your blog/website (or Medium profile/or other )

- 1 to 3 links to blog posts you have written.

Send your guest post pitch to: [email protected]

Once we approve the guest post pitch, you will then submit the guest post for review using the form at the end of this page.

Here are the topics we are interested in:

Business growth strategies

Affiliate marketing

Content marketing

Email marketing

Social media marketing

Social media management

Online business ideas

Artificial Intelligence and how it can help small businesses

CPA marketing

Online advertising



Self-improvement (for entrepreneurs)



How to articles - Guides - Best tips

We may accept guest posts on topics not listed above. If you have ideas about a topic that's not listed above, please follow the guest post pitch requirements.

We don't accept guest posts about:



Trading (Forex etc)

Ponzi schemes

Selling/buying followers/views/likes

Use of bots for social media growth

Adult content






Legal drugs or pharmaceuticals

Illegal activities

Alternative medicine

Legal cases

Negativity towards other companies

Aesthetic surgery

The list is non-exhaustive. We withhold the right to reject guest blog posts in other categories subject to editorial discretion.

Guest Post Guidelines

Please don't send your guest post first, only when the guest post pitch has been approved.

>> Your Guest Posts must be your original work, meaning you wrote them, and they cannot appear anywhere else. NO PLAGIARISM. When quoting others, don't forget to cite the source.

>> You must own all images and videos or have the legal rights to use them. For example, you can use Unsplash; photos are made to be used freely (read the license before using pictures).

>> Guest Posts must be above 1500 words (we recommend 1800 to 2000+ words). Good English only.

>> Guest Posts must be optimized for SEO, including post titles.

>> You must use proper formatting with headlines, subheadlines, paragraphs, and bullet points. Don't skip the intro, and don't forget the conclusion.

>> The content you submit is based on your experience, research, or facts.

>> Guest Posts must be high-quality content.

>> No affiliate links are allowed.

>> Guest Posts must be free of errors and proofread carefully before submission.

>> You will have 1 backlink to your site (home page). If you don't have a website, you can give the link to one of your social media accounts.

>> You will provide a short bio about yourself, 3 to 5 lines, and a portrait picture.

>> Once the guest post is live, you agree to promote it on your website and social media accounts. You will respond to people's comments.

>> Sales pitches or press releases are not accepted.

>> We do not pay individuals or companies to contribute to our blog.

By submitting your post, you certify that you have read the Guest Blogger Agreement and you fully understand and accept it: Read the Guest Blogger Agreement

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We only accept guest post submissions through the form below (STEP 2). DO NOT send your blog post with this form before we have approved your guest post pitch (STEP 1).

Step 2: Guest Blog Post Submission