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Webinars are a very effective way to sell your products or services online. They are essential to your business development. Learn everything you need in detail with the ultimate guide to a successful webinar: automated and live.

Benefits of webinars for your business

Webinars are powerful to connect with your audience more personally. With webinars, you can reach new people from around the globe who wouldn't otherwise know who you are or your message. Be consistent in your work when you market online and build trust.

Deliver value real-time

Webinars allow you to deliver more value since you can share more information in real-time. Webinars help you build relationships with potential customers, leading to more sales in the future.

Webinars can be simple or complex, short or long. This depends on your audience; you will have to define what works best over time. When your webinar lasts at least an hour, people can engage in conversations.

With automated webinars, your can deliver valuable content 24/7. If you want to maximize your results and grow your community faster while building trust, this tool is what you are looking for: Webinar Fuel

Build strong relationships with potential customers

Webinars are an excellent way to develop connections with your audience. People don't want fluff or filler content; they want the information to help them solve a problem or make their lives easier. Period.

Think of the people who could benefit most from what you're offering and whom they might tell if it helps them out – these people would be ideal candidates for your webinar attendees!

The skills you need to create a webinar

First, be yourself! This is the number one thing that will make a difference and separate you from the crowd.


If you're uncomfortable, progressively learn how to speak well and effectively communicate important messages quickly and convincingly. Being entertaining can help too.

Here's where public speaking skills come in handy, but they are not that hard to learn if you care enough about your audience.


Excellent writing skills will help a lot with creating good webinars.


Understanding other cultures helps tremendously when engaging different audiences worldwide, which is pretty much anyone on social media these days.


Learn basic psychology and persuasion techniques to understand better how others think and make decisions.

A few years ago, I did a certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programing, which helped me a lot as an entrepreneur.

Research other webinars related to your chosen subject

These questions can help you when you are looking at other webinars:

  • Which topics got high attendance for webinars?

  • What did the speakers talk about?

  • Can you find similar webinars by doing keyword searches on YouTube?

  • Are there any events or conferences related to your chosen subject?

  • What was the format like (i.e., one presenter vs multiple)?

  • Was there a Q&A session afterward?

  • How does yours compare with others out there on similar subjects?

  • How many webinar attendees would you like?

  • The questions above are fundamental. Take the time to do your research.

Which topics get higher attendance rates?

First off, it's tough to predict which topics will get the most people attending your webinars because that depends on several factors.

Let's see what factors impact webinar attendance besides the topic:

  • The market for that topic.Your marketing material.

  • The quality of traffic sources.

  • How much do you charge for tickets to attend the webinar? 

  • TIPS: To increase the attendance rate, you can give free access to your webinar.

  • How well attended your recent events have been.

  • What promotion methods do you use to drive visitors and social sharing.No one can guarantee which topics will draw more interest than others at any given time.

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Build engaging content to get more webinar registrations

Planning and preparation

The preparation for a webinar begins well before the presentation time. It involves collecting pertinent information about your market and the demographic you are targeting, compiling data on them in a form that will be easily digestible for you and others listening, and designing the slides you will use during the live event itself.

Write out some of the details of what you'll present to avoid "dead air" during your event.

If it is an entirely new topic with no background material already available, much more work is involved, including developing all original material yourself or having someone else do it. I would strongly recommend hiring someone.

You can outsource almost everything:

Freelance services at every price point: Fiverr

Top 3% Freelance talents: Toptal

If you want to know about the secret arsenal of marketing tools I use for my business, be sure to check this: The Marketing Tools Vault

Increase brand awareness

Webinars are one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness. In the digital world, where information is available at every click of a mouse, it has become very challenging for marketers and small business owners to generate relevant leads and convert them into customers.

The solution lies in webinar marketing which helps you create an interactive environment that educates your prospects and guides them throughout their buying process.

You connect with and educate your audience through webinars while simultaneously driving sales.

Photo by Ben Spray on Unsplash

Webinar SEO and optimization

It is essential to get people to your webinars. The best way is through search engines and other search result platforms. You could write a quality blog article (around 2500 words) about the webinar's topic and link to it.

Google is a search engine that uses keywords and phrases to develop search results for users. Just keep in mind that the more content you add, the better you rank. Creating quality content increases the overall website exposure, leading to a high ranking on the Google search page (organic or natural search).

Regarding keyword ranking, only the first-page results mean much as most people do not like scrolling down after opening the first page, so they leave without seeing any results on other pages.

That's why we must have our content visible on Page 1 Search Engines Results Pages (SERPs).

If writing articles around 2500 words is difficult for you, or if writing is not something you like, here is a powerful solution for you.

CrawlQ: AI Tool, Audience research and content creation

CrawlQ is a game-changing tool powered by AI that researches and writes 100% unique targeted content to reach your target audience better. Try CrawlQ for free

CrawlQ has definitely changed the way I connect with my target audience and increased engagement.

OutRanking: AI Tool, Content creation and SEO optimization

Create high-quality SEO-optimized web content. It is powered by AI. I mostly use OutRanking to optimize the SEO of my blog articles. Try Outranking for free

Anyword: AI Tool, Improve your ads, emails performance, etc.

With Anyword, you can generate AI-powered Ad copy, effective emails, and much more. I essentially use this tool to generate my ads and optimize my landing pages.

Try Anyword for free

Generate leads with webinars

The main objective behind conducting webinars is lead generation.

They help you attract new people who have not yet heard about your business but may come across your product/service soon through various means like search engines, social media networks, referrals from friends, etc.

Lead generation refers to gathering contact details of potential customers interested in buying your products and services. These leads can then be converted into actual sales through various channels such as email marketing.

Using webinars is a powerful way to generate leads for online businesses and affiliate marketers because they have certain advantages over other lead-generation methods.

Many people will participate in a webinar because it requires less effort. All they need to do is join at the scheduled time on their device and maybe download some files or apps.

To manage your leads, you need a good autoresponder. I recommend you AWeber or GetResponse for their high delivery rate. Both of them have a completely free plan to get started (up to 500 subscribers).

You can integrate AWeber or GetResponse with Webinar Fuel very easily.

Follow up with your leads

Here are a few ways to follow up with your webinar leads, especially if you had a large attendance:

Monitor those who have registered but did not attend. Send them your recorded presentation via email and invite them to reschedule for another time or date. Send an email after the live event has ended.

You should capture emails during registration to send this out later on.

Also, note that a reschedule option is also available on many platforms, such as GoToWebinar.

Webinars reach out to larger audiences

If you want to reach out to larger audiences, webinars are one of the most cost-effective ways to do it.

It's a fact that eCommerce and affiliate marketing businesses need many visitors or subscribers for growth.

Webinars have become popular because companies and bloggers have realized their potential. A single webinar can produce hundreds if not thousands of leads depending on the quality of the content presented during the session.

Many professionals like bloggers and marketers generate more than 60%+ of their leads using webinars nowadays.

Why? Because social media networks are full of noise and scam artists, just click any link available out there without any idea about the products/services they promote to see what I mean.

Sell products and services through webinars

A webinar provides the most value online, which can convert into paying customers. The presentation style of a live video works very well for creating trust and relationships with your prospects, as mentioned before. It shows that you care about people's success, not just money.

That's why they tell others about you (word of mouth). At the end of this guide, you will find my related articles and you can learn how to increase your sales with word of mouth marketing.

You can build authority in your niche because you have gone above and beyond to share valuable content.

Webinars are also very effective if you have an affiliate marketing business. This is the opportunity to do things differently from other affiliates. Never promote your affiliate links directly like everyone else is doing.

Keep in mind your WHY

Why are you here? What is the impact you want to make in this world? What will make the difference is your charisma and how you lead. Inspire others. This is the key.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

Get feedback from your audience. 

Webinars are a safe, non-threatening way to get in front of an audience. Building your list is essential, and webinars are great for that!

There may only be 20 people watching live, but there will probably be around 500+ on the recorded version, so if you haven't already proven your expertise, this is an excellent way to.

Engage with your audience, ask questions, and get interesting feedback. You'll also gain credibility as an expert in whatever niche you're working in.

Remember, once someone has invested their money into your business, they care more about what YOU think than anyone else because YOU make suggestions that will ultimately benefit THEM...

Pros and Cons of webinars


The pros are that they can be a very effective way to train people because you can show them what you're doing on your computer and they can see it live. Webinars are effective to connect with people and build relationships. You don't need to travel or organize physical events.


The cons are that they can sometimes be expensive to produce (if you hire presenters, for example), and people sometimes don't show up. Also, you could face some technical problems. This is why I recommend using automated webinars.

Registration rates

It varies depending on the webinar topic. However, most webinars have a 50% or higher registration rate on average.

Automated webinars

Do automated webinars work?

This is the big question! Yes, automated webinars work perfectly if you choose the right software.

Best webinar software for automated webinars

An automated webinar runs on autopilot, without a live presenter, as you recorded the video beforehand.

An automated webinar tool is life-changing. You spend time doing important things for your business while completely automating your webinars 24/7.

Automated webinars with "Live Events Feeling" are a must!

This is where freedom starts because you don't need to show up live, and you give your audience the feeling of a live webinar. It has all the advantages of live webinars without the inconveniences.

Here is the tool I use for my business: Webinar Fuel

Photo by Malte Helmhold on Unsplash

Automated vs. live webinars

Automated webinars have come a long way. I highly recommend them since you can focus on other important business areas, such as community building, product development, and sales funnels.

Automated webinars are the best option for anyone who wants to take their business seriously and create a viable passive income source from it. They allow you to develop multiple streams of passive income.

You can use automated webinars combined with live events if you want, but there's so much value in having an automated component. It makes sense to focus on automating all of your marketing efforts rather than conducting live events weekly or monthly.

Creating webinars that dominate the field

Keys elements for a successful webinar

Find out what the market wants and build your webinar around that. Knowing what the market needs make all the difference between failure and success.

It's not about what you want to teach but rather what your audience needs.

For instance, if a marketer is struggling with his conversion rate, they might be looking for ways to improve their landing page to get better conversion rates. Even though there are other reasons why people don't convert, which have NOTHING TO DO WITH THE LANDING PAGE!

Define the purpose of your webinar

Your webinar should have a purpose like everything else you do in marketing and life.

That purpose is to help people solve their problems with the products or services you provide.

If I were selling software training courses, my goal would be to convince prospects that learning how to leverage a specific software was critical for success and makes all the difference between average profits and extraordinary profits.

Another example:

Suppose, instead, I wanted leads for my online training business. In that case, I'd focus more on telling those who watched about how inadequate education was holding people back from becoming successful entrepreneurs.

This method might not work as well because there may already be hundreds of other businesses pitching these same points online, so it's hard for you to stand out unless you are offering some unique, a value-based offer.

People attend webinars to learn something new or gain insight into a topic. Make sure your content is educational and provides real value to your audience.

You can do different things to increase the chances of success of your webinar. Here are a few key tips:

Photo by Jhon Jim on Unsplash

Set goals for your webinar

Make sure the topic is relevant to your audience:

When planning a webinar, it is essential to make sure the topic is relevant to your audience.

This will help ensure that attendees are interested in the content and are more likely to participate.

In the context of affiliate marketing, a webinar could discuss topics such as choosing the right affiliate programs, effective promotional techniques, how to create a website that sells or how to select an affiliate product, etc.

Make sure the topic is relevant to your audience

When planning a webinar, it is essential to make sure the topic is relevant to your audience. This will help ensure that attendees are interested in the content and are more likely to participate.

In the context of affiliate marketing, a webinar could discuss topics such as choosing the right affiliate programs, effective promotional techniques, how to create a website that sells or how to select an affiliate product, etc.

Plan ahead and create a detailed agenda

A detailed agenda helps keep webinars on track and focused. By creating an agenda in advance, you can make sure that all of your key points are covered and that the overall structure of the webinar is clear to participants.

It's also a good idea to send the agenda to participants ahead of time so they know exactly what to expect and come to your webinar with questions.

This will help ensure that your live webinar is interactive and engaging for all attendees.

Design an attractive presentation

When designing your presentation, you must consider the audience's demographics.

This means thinking about their age and gender and where they are from geographically.

You should also consider the time of day that your webinar will take place. This will help you design a presentation that is appealing to people from different parts of the world.

Photo by Jack Finnigan on Unsplash

Keep things engaging by using slides, videos, and other visuals

To keep attendees engaged with your presentation, you must use a variety of different mediums to engage your audience.

You can do this by using slides, videos, and other visuals.

Slides can be used to give a preview of what you are about to discuss or for additional information that will help people better understand the topic.

To keep attendees engaged with your presentation, you must use a variety of different mediums to engage your audience.

You can do this by using slides, videos, and other visuals.

Slides can be used to give a preview of what you are about to discuss or for additional information that will help people better understand the topic.

How to record a webinar

To record a webinar, you will need:

  • A computer with the recording software installed.

  • Your computer or laptop microphone or an external microphone like the Blue Yeti X or similar.

  • When you use an external microphone, the sound quality will always be better than using your computer microphone.

  • When you record your webinar, a positive attitude is essential. Your energy is key to a successful webinar.

For live webinars, you can use Livestorm. It's very easy, even if you have never done any webinars before. Start for free with Livestorm here.

  • If you want to record your webinar once and automate it 24/7, learn more about Webinar Fuel

3 steps to get started with Webinar Fuel:

Encourage audience participation

You can do many things to encourage audience participation during your webinar.

You can broadcast some questions at certain times during webinars so that people can respond live, or ask them what types of things they'd like to hear more about in future webinars such as any particular limitations or pain points related to marketing affiliate products online, etc.

Make it interesting

First, honestly ask yourself this simple question:

Why do you want to create webinars?

You should have an answer in your mind immediately.

Make sure your presentation is interesting, engaging, and keeps your audience's attention. This can be achieved through being transparent, open, and clear in your presentation while using proven techniques like storytelling, questions, and demonstrations.

Keep your webinar short and sweet

Most people don't have a lot of time. You must be aware of this. The ideal length is between 30 and 60 minutes; anything more will probably lose your audience's attention and won't get the message (of course, some exceptions exist, and some entrepreneurs are very successful doing 3-hour webinars).

Remember that people have other things to do, like watching cat videos on YouTube, jogging, or playing with their dog! That's the reality!

Follow up with attendees after the webinar

After the webinar ends, help them implement what they learned during the session immediately after leaving the stage, e.g., free tips in blog post form, checklists, etc. It helps them better understand what was discussed in your webinar.

Nurture people who attend your webinar with valuable content. This is how you can potentially transform them into paying customers and how you build long-term trust.

Affiliate marketers, are you afraid doing webinars yourself?

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So take action if you are looking to build a solid business with affiliate marketing.

Do things the right way

Toolset is one of the essential components of success with Mindset and Skillset. I have been working online for more than ten years and have seen many people give up.

I understand that all this can feel overwhelming when you start a business or don't get the results you want. I really understand how you feel because I was there too...

I had to search for and test the right marketing tools for my business too, it lost a lot of time and money. 

Finding and testing tools can be time-consuming and cost you a lot of money. This is the reason why on FractalMax we have researched high-quality tools for you.

Now you'll be able to create your marketing tools arsenal and level up your business without losing so much time. I have created the Marketing Tools Vault. I share with you my secret weapons! 

How To define a budget for your live webinar

You should consider the following factors to define the budget for your webinars:

1. Duration of the webinar

You should think about the type of target audience and their interest in webinars. If you target your website visitors, then a one-hour session would be an ideal duration.

If you target a new audience, it will take time to attract them. Try a minimum of 2 hours or more depending on location and other factors like:

  • Stability of internet connection

  • Technical support

Also, considering traffic over this period may give run rates to calculate the cost involved per minute.

2. Platform 

The platform you choose for recording (pre-recorded) and broadcasting (live online video sessions) is important. These sessions need high-speed internet connectivity with some backup plans in case of connectivity issues.

You can spend a few extra bucks here if you want a complete home studio with multiple cameras and audio control, which requires lots of workspaces, lighting set up, etc.

A cost-effective solution: Automated Webinars

You can start with basic recording material. Learn more about Webinar Fuel.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Promote your webinar effectively

Offer a freebie or incentive to increase signups

First, state why people should register and attend your webinar in the headline. Let me give you an example:

"Learn all about affiliate marketing" isn't as good as "Discover 8 ways of going from zero to $____+ per month through proper monetization".

Second, if you're pitching a freebie or incentive (Ebook, report, blueprint, etc.) that they will receive after signing up for your webinar, mention it in the same line."

Discover 8 ways of going from zero to $____+ per month through proper monetization and get an exclusive free ebook at the end of our webinar."

If there's no hook in one sentence, then chances are most readers will choose to ignore the rest of whatever follows next. Their attention span is extremely limited.

Sounds pretty straightforward, but few get this right; even fewer capitalize on such signup offers with an autoresponder sequence afterward which automatically delivers said freebie upon registration :)

Promote your webinar well in advance

When promoting a webinar, you must start well in advance. This will allow them to schedule time in their calendars and ensure that they can attend.

You should also promote your webinar heavily on social media and other online channels.

Feel overwhelmed with social media?

If you feel overwhelmed to post consistently on Social media? You can use, it's an AI tool that will help you post on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn in a matter of minutes! creates all your posts social media in an amazing way!

Get, they have a free plan, give it a try now.

This will help you attract more people to the event and increase your chances of success.

Announce your live or automated webinar

There are different ways you can use to announce your webinar. Let's go through the most important ones.

First, email and inform people about the upcoming event. Give a short description of the webinar (who will be there and some information regarding their background).

Send your invites about two weeks before your webinar.

Try to make it seem like they are missing something if they do not show up to the webinar because valuable information will be shared at the live event. Also, everything that would have been discussed is available online for those who miss it.

Facebook live

Promote your upcoming live stream by sharing a video clip from previous sessions or recorded promotional videos and showing how much value guests might gain from attending this session.

You should also include any call-to-action within these clips, such as "Join me live". This may persuade them to watch your live streams more frequently in the future since they know what content you share with viewers.

If you are interested to live streaming on multiple platforms at the same time, I recommend Melon, this tool is simple to use and you can start the live stream in minutes. 

Melon has a forever free plan, get it here.

Influencer marketing

There are a few ways to promote your webinar with influencer marketing. One way is to find influential bloggers or social media personalities with a large following and ask them to promote your webinar in exchange for a free ticket or some other form of compensation.

You can also reach out to some organizations that your target audience is likely to be affiliated with and see if they would be interested in promoting your webinar to their members.

Finally, you can use online tools like BuzzSumo and Shoutcart to identify key influencers in your industry. Then, you can reach out to them about promoting your webinar.

Share on Instagram

Instagram is a great place to deliver value to your audience and invite your followers to your webinars.

The following are some strategies to boost your attendance for your webinars.

Use Instagram Stories

Implement an effective hashtag strategy with Flick

Instagram influencers: As I said previously by partnering with an influencer who has a large following on Instagram, you can literally get your webinar in front of more people who may be interested in attending.

You can work with the influencer to create a sponsored post or story that promotes your webinar or even have them promote it in their stories leading up to the event.

Teaser campaign

If your goal is to create a buzz around your upcoming webinar, consider creating a teaser. This should be a short, catchy video or image that will make people want to learn more.

It's essential to be concise and intriguing – you don't want to give away too much information, but you do want to make people curious about what you'll be discussing.

Host a contest

Another great way to promote your webinar using Instagram stories is hosting contests. You can offer prizes such as free tickets to the webinar or gift cards.

This is a great way to get people excited about the webinar, and it can also help increase attendance.

The tool we use at FractalMax for contests is PerkZilla.

With Perkzilla you can organize contests, giveaways, and other viral campaigns very easily

Share a sneak peek of the webinar

A powerful way to get people interested in your webinar is to share a sneak peek of what they can expect.

This will give them a great taste of what is to come and entice them to attend. You can use videos or images to share a sneak peek of the webinar.

For example, you could show a short video of the speaker talking about the webinar's topic or share an image of the agenda for the event.

By giving people a taste of what’s to come, you can increase their chances of attending your webinar.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

YouTube video

Promoting your webinar on YouTube is a great idea.

Creating video content on your channel will help you connect with people interested in learning more about your webinar topic and attract some new leads for your business.

Share it on Tumblr

Share your webinar invitation on your Tumblr Blog. You may post the link to your webinar registration page or upload a photo of the presenter with a short description, link, and of course, pertinent hashtags.

Share it on LinkedIn

Linkedin is a social network for professionals. Linkedin can help people build an online presence and establish their authority within their niche. It's a great place to share your upcoming webinar events.

Building a strong LinkedIn profile takes time and patience.

Share on Webtalk

There are different ways to promote your webinar on WebTalk. You can start by creating a post on your profile about the upcoming webinar and inviting your friends and followers to join.

You can also share the event on other social media platforms or create ads targeting people interested in online marketing or business topics. 

By using a variety of marketing tactics, you can ensure that as many people as possible learn about your upcoming webinar and have the opportunity to participate.

Get your Private Invitation and join my Webtalk Team and start making money being social!

The Truths and the Myths about webinars 

Let's start with the truths:

Webinars work as a marketing tool and can sell products online.

Webinars convert prospects into buyers and leads into clients or members of your list.

The conversion rate depends on various factors but is typically around 3%.

Webinars are a chance for you to allow your potential customers and prospects to interact with you directly. You can use webinars as an occasion to teach or educate them or simply hold sales events where they learn about your products and services while also getting an opportunity to buy from you....

...and myths 

They are super expensive:

Many people think that webinar software is a costly marketing tool. Still, nowadays, you can get a professional webinar service at an affordable price per participant, and the cost is lower than some other popular lead generation tools.

What can be costly is when you need to hire other presenters for your webinars.

You don't have to pay every time people attend your webinars. Depending on the software you use, you can pay monthly or yearly.

They are super complicated.

...and myths 

They are super expensive

Many people think that webinar software is a costly marketing tool. Still, nowadays, you can get a professional webinar service at an affordable price per participant, and the cost is lower than some other popular lead generation tools.

What can be costly is when you need to hire other presenters for your webinars.

You don't have to pay every time people attend your webinars. Depending on the software you use, you can pay monthly or yearly.

They are super complicated.

Think of automated webinars!

They are super complicated

Whether you're a newbie or you have years of experience, creating awesome-looking slides isn't that hard and you'll have some fun once you try it!

Even those who have never made any presentations before will be able to create professional-looking slides in less than 20 minutes with Keynote or Powerpoint templates available on the marketplace.

Also, Google Docs comes with built-in presentation functionality, so there is no excuse not to use them :)

And then you can automate your webinar 24/7.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

The key features of a good webinar

These questions will help you choose your webinar platform:

Live webinars or automated webinars with "live events feelings" that run 24/7?

What's your budget for webinars?

Does it include features like surveys?

How many attendees can you have?

Can you record the session and save it for later viewing?

Does it require that attendees download the software or app to join the webinar?

What are the metrics that you can analyze?

Can you have a dynamic registration widget?

Can you have a live chat simulation if you choose the automated webinar option?

Does it have push notifications, reminders, and follow-ups?

Choosing the best webinar technology is essential

Webinar automation has numerous advantages because your webinars run on autopilot.

Be careful with the platform you choose; you don't want your audience to watch the replay of a video. You want them to experience the "live events feeling."

Before the conclusion, let me give you a small tip: Webinars are more likely to be attended on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday :)

Also, be aware of holidays or special events.

Final word

Webinars allow you to get acquainted with your potential customers, build trust, earn their confidence, and deliver value by showing how your product solves their problems. If you haven't started your webinars already, take action!

Thanks for reading.

Laurence Zimmermann

Founder and CEO of FractalMax

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