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With the complete guide to starting an affiliate marketing business, you will find the key steps to get started with this business model.

Affiliate marketing is not complicated. You get paid to promote a company's products or services. It's an excellent way to make money online because you don't need to create your own products or services and handle customer support.

In fact, it's a popular form of internet marketing.

Affiliate marketing involves writing reviews of products, answering questions about them on community sites like Quora, or blogging to help get the word out.

What does it mean to be an affiliate marketer?

As I explained above, affiliate marketers get rewarded with a commission for every sale they make. An affiliate marketer can promote any product from any company as long as he has been granted permission by the company to do so.

You should aim to develop a relationship of trust with your partners.

Passive income

Passive income in affiliate marketing is generated by selling products and services that you promote as an affiliate. When a customer completes a purchase due by clicking on your affiliate link, you earn a commission from the merchant.

Passive income allows you to continue earning commissions long after the original promotion has ended, provided that the customer remains active in your program.

3 affiliate marketing partners

The merchant: The merchant is the company that will create and sell the product or service. The network: 

The network: It is the company that will connect merchants with publishers and helps manage payments and track sales. 

The publisher: The publisher is the person or company that promotes the merchant's products on their website (or Blog).

Is affiliate marketing easy or difficult?

Affiliate marketing is easy to start, but our journey as an affiliate marketing entrepreneur can be easy or difficult, depending on the companies or products you choose! You will get paid for every sale that you make.

Affiliate marketing does not come with a guarantee of success. The learning curve is not too steep.

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The different commission types

In affiliate marketing, there are different types of commissions that you can earn. Knowing what these different types of commissions are and how to get them is important if you want to make money as an affiliate marketer.

Commission structures vary in affiliate marketing but typically fall into four categories: pay per sale, pay per click, pay per lead, or pay per action. Each commission type has its benefits and drawbacks, so it's essential to choose the one that will work best for you.

Now, let's take a look at these 4 types of affiliate marketing commissions and how you can start earning them.

Pay Per Sale:

One of the most common types of commissions in affiliate marketing is based on the percentage of the sale that you generate. For example, if you promote a product that sells for $100 and earn a commission of 15%, you will earn $15 for every sale you generate.

Pay Per Click:

With pay per click (PPC) commissions, you are paid a commission based on the number of clicks that your promotional material generates. If you have a banner ad that gets clicked 100 times, you will earn a commission based on those clicks.

Pay Per Lead:

Pay-per-lead (PPL) affiliate marketing works similarly to PPC affiliates. Instead of getting paid when someone clicks on your ad, you get paid when they signup for something you promote on your site.

For example:

If you have a blog about credit cards and somebody signed up for a credit card through one of your links/banners, you will receive commission payments based on leads generated.

The earnings potential isn't as great as other methods unless the volume is very high.


Pay per action, or PPA, is another commission structure used in affiliate marketing. Merchants pay affiliates a commission for each action taken by the affiliate's customers, such as purchases or leads generated.

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What is affiliate tracking, and how does it work?

Affiliate tracking is the process of monitoring clicks and sales generated by affiliate links. When someone clicks on your affiliate link, their activity is tracked by the affiliate network. If they make a purchase, the commission for that sale is credited to your affiliate account.

Affiliate tracking software helps affiliates keep track of their clicks and sales and the commissions they've earned.

Starting your affiliate marketing business

I will give you helpful tips to start your affiliate marketing business. Don't miss anything, read till the end!

Having the success mindset

You need a burning desire! The desire to work smart and the motivation to build a solid business online. Your mindset is key, be passionate about what you are doing!

Knowing your strong why

Take some time to think about why you want to start an affiliate marketing business. Always remembering your why is important, especially when facing challenging times.

Setting your goals

Having goals is essential because it allows you to focus your efforts and stay on track. If you don't have a specific goal, it's easy to lose sight of what you're working towards and get sidetracked.

By having clear goals in mind, you can measure your progress and make adjustments along the way.

Having a goal also provides motivation and inspiration when things get tough.

I recommend you define your short - mid, and long-term goals.

Creating a plan

Creating a plan and writing down what you want for yourself in the future is not optional.

Choosing your niche

Defining your niche is one of the first things to do when starting your affiliate marketing business.

An effective way to find your niche is to think about what you enjoy and what you are good at. You have a talent or skill that others don't and that you can explore.Here are some hot niches examples:

  • Fitness

  • Finances

  • Internet marketing

  • Self-improvement

  • Technology

  • Gaming

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Researching the market

Affiliate marketing can potentially be a profitable way to make money online. Still, it's important to do your research before you start to know what products to promote and how to find the right affiliate programs for you.

Without market research, you may not be able to find profitable niches or products to promote and could waste time and money on campaigns that don't generate any revenue.

Create your Hub (and not a website!)

Your Hub is your home on the internet. You should never forget this. At FractalMax, we built our Hub with Estage. Estage is software that allows you to create Hubs. The Founder of Estage is Vick Stritheus from Four Percent. 

Right now, you can only access Estage if you are a Four Percent Gold member and above: Learn by watching this free Masterclass. 

Note: This may change as soon as Estage is launched officially to the public.

I am a platinum member of Four Percent, and growing my brand on Estage was the best decision I made in 2021.

It's easier to grow an engaged community and attract visitors looking for your affiliate products when you have a hub. You take control and regroup everything under one umbrella. I think this is the only to go if you want to build a solid business long-term.

A significant advantage is that you don't need a web hosting company to build your Hub with Estage. 

Also, one critical thing you should always remember is that you need to have control of your business. Estage allows you to do that and host your funnels under your own domain name. This is a big advantage and it immediately separates you from other affiliates. You operate like an entrepreneur building a real and solid business.

Sounds good right?

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Find affiliate products

There are many affiliate products to promote, depending on your niche. Popular affiliate products include weight loss, fitness, and home decorating products.

When choosing an affiliate product to promote, research the product thoroughly and ensure it is a good fit for your audience. It's important to compare different affiliate programs to find the one that offers the best commission rate and other benefits.

Establishing a relationship of trust with your partners in the long term is an essential part of the process.

Golden rule:

Always test the product you are promoting. This will help you build trust with your audience. Don't do what most affiliate marketers do: Promote products they don't know about to make a few bucks.

Don't be average. People are not looking for average.

Where to find affiliate products


Sign up with Amazon Associates, which takes about 10 minutes. You will then find specific items relevant to your niche, based on categories like electronics, books, beauty & personal care, kitchen & dining, etc.


ClickBank is a large affiliate network for marketers. ClickBank makes it easy for marketers to sign up by offering free membership and no initial payment.

Once they have signed up, they can list any product they want on their Hub or Blog, which ClickBank will then track through tracking links.


JVZOO is a marketplace that lets you promote and sell digital products to your audience. You can earn commissions on every sale you make, and there are no setup fees or monthly charges.


When you join these marketplaces, you will have a lot of competition.


Private network: You can do things differently, and you have more chances to stay head and shoulders above your competition with private networks. Don't miss our Affiliate Marketing Masterclass to learn more about this! You'll learn how to launch a profitable business step-by-step in 30 days.

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Deliver valuable content

First, what problems do you solve? You should not skip this question!

If you want to create a successful affiliate marketing business, it is essential to provide valuable content to your audience.

Your content should be relevant to your audience's interests and needs, and it should help them solve problems or meet a particular need.

When you provide valuable content through different channels, you establish yourself as a trusted authority in your field and build relationships with your audience. As your audience grows, so will your business.

Generate traffic to your Hub

You will need to learn how to generate traffic to your affiliate offers with various free and paid methods. Your ability to promote your business in multiple ways on social media (never post your affiliate link directly) is essential.

Free Traffic

There are many free methods for generating traffic to an affiliate marketing website. One of the most common is search engine optimization or SEO.

This involves optimizing a website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Another popular method is social media marketing, which involves using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to drive traffic to your Hub.

Paid traffic

You can use various paid traffic methods for affiliate marketing. Common techniques include using Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, such as Facebook Ads, or buying traffic through advertising networks.

Learn how to generate massive traffic to your website, affiliate offers, or products. Get the Free Mass Traffic Blueprint. Click on the image below.

Build influence on social media

Build your influence on social media progressively. When you have a large following on social media, it's easier to attract people to your Hub and Blog.

The more followers you have, the more potential customers for your business:

  • Grow your social media following and invite people to join your community (email list). Always remember that your social media following is not your business. Your HUB is your business.

  • Create a relationship with your community (live streams, various events, etc.)

  • Engage with people in your community (contest, survey, etc.)

Affiliate Marketing Blog

A good strategy is to start selling your affiliate products in your Blog. You can create a simple and attractive Blog post that showcases one of the affiliate products. 

You can include a picture of the product, a short description, and a link for the reader to purchase it on Amazon, for example.

Affiliate marketing is very beneficial for bloggers because it provides an alternative way to monetize their Blogs without relying on banner ads or paid posts. Always remember:

  • Have cristal clear goals Have a plan in place

  • Cultivate your brand identitySolve problems that people have

  • Promote a variety of affiliate products (private networks are the best).

  • Use multiple social media platforms

  • Nurture a strong online presence

  • Use powerful marketing tools

  • Invest in your education

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Content creation

Content creation aims to provide valuable information to your audience and help you grow your business. Most of the time, content creation is overwhelming for affiliate marketers. 

You must know that solutions exist to help you create content consistently. You can check the content Featured Content Creation

 Affiliate marketing: PROS

There are many advantages to affiliate marketing. One of the biggest is being your own boss and setting your own hours. It's also easy to get started as a beginner because there are many resources on the internet.

To get started in affiliate marketing, you will need basic marketing tools like an autoresponder, a website or Hub builder, a design platform like Canva, etc.

Low risk for a beginner

Affiliate marketing is low risk for beginners, and you can make your own hours without huge upfront costs. The downside to the affiliate marketing business is that you don't have control over the products you promote, so if your customers do not like them, they're less likely to buy from you again.

If you are interested to learn how to build a profitable affiliate marketing business, secure your spot here, it's free: Affiliate Marketing Masterclass

Affiliate marketing: CONS

The disadvantage of being an affiliate marketer is having a lot of competition. You don't have control over the product because you sell other companies products.

Marketing Tools

To be able to work efficiently, you need tools for your business. Here is a selection of the best tools to help you start and grow your business.


An Autoresponder is a necessary tool for your affiliate marketing business. It helps you send messages to subscribers and potential customers according to your specified time interval.

It's like having your personal assistant! Create powerful email campaigns and share your content with your subscribers. Featured autoresponders tools

Content Creation:

Content creation: Content creation tools help you create compelling content related to your affiliate offers and help generate revenue. The primary purpose of content creation tools is to assist with content creation for digital marketing campaigns.

An example of this is Canva which allows users to create custom images in minutes with just a few clicks. Featured content creation tools

Lead generation:

Lead generation tools help generate more targeted leads and get more visitors to your Hub. It helps you also to increase your sales. Featured lead generation tools


A marketplace is a platform that allows people to buy and sell goods or services. Featured marketplaces


Outsourcing is a business strategy in which a company uses outside contractors to provide services. You can outsource your logo creation, video creation, or web design and development work. The cost of having a professional web designer build an attractive website for your affiliate business will probably outweigh the amount of time it would take you, especially if you don't have any experience with website design. Featured outsourcing platforms

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Social media:

Social media management tools are websites or applications that allow users to manage and monitor their social media presence. The majority of these tools provide analytics for the company's content on various social networks to identify trends in their online marketing efforts. An excellent way to choose a social media management tool is by determining which networks they currently use and what type of analytics they need. Featured social media tools


You can use tracking tools to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Tracking tools are beneficial because they provide important insights into which ads work best and where you should focus your efforts and attention in the future. They track information such as what content is most popular, how many people click on a link, and where those clicks originate from. Featured tracking tools


A webinar tool is a software that allows you to set up and host live, online events. Webinar tools are powerful ways to get in front of your audience. They allow you to engage with your customers on a deeper level than any other marketing strategy out there. A webinar tool is a software that will enable you to set up and host live, online events that participants can attend from anywhere in the world without worrying about the logistics of organizing an event in person. Featured webinar tool

Website and funnel

Website and funnel: A website builder tool enables you to create your website. On the other hand, a funnel builder tool helps you build an email list and generate leads. Featured website and funnel tools

Bookkeeping & Tax

Bookkeeping and tax tools are essential for any business, as they will help you keep track of your finances and get ready for tax season. Featured bookkeeping and tax tools

Final Word

Affiliate marketing is a great way for beginners to make money online. It is easy to get started, and there are plenty of resources available to help you succeed. With effort and dedication, you can be successful in affiliate marketing.

The most important thing is to start the right way.

Thanks for reading.

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Founder & CEO FractalMax®

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