Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. Every Affiliate Marketer Gets it Wrong

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Every affiliate marketer gets it wrong! You'll learn these mistakes beginners make in affiliate marketing, and how to avoid them. Many beginners get into affiliate marketing with the hope of making money online. While it is possible to make money through affiliate marketing, there are several pitfalls that can trip up new marketers.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a simple business model where you earn commissions by promoting other people's products. You find and promote products relevant to your audience and earn a commission whenever someone buys the product as a result of your promotion.

Why do people fail with affiliate marketing?

The first reason people fail with their affiliate marketing business is that they don't have a solid plan. Getting sidetracked and lost in the shuffle of things is very easy without a plan. You need to know what your goals are and how you're going to achieve them. Otherwise, you'll just be spinning your wheels without ever getting anywhere.

Another common reason for failure is not taking action consistently. Affiliate marketing requires work and consistent effort over time to see results. Too often, people give up too soon or only put in the sporadic effort here and there when they feel like it. This will never lead to success.

Let's go through the other biggest mistakes affiliate marketers make:

Not choosing a niche that you are passionate about 

Working in a niche that you are not passionate about is a big mistake to avoid when starting affiliate marketing. The problem is that they focus on the wrong things and end up not making as much money as they could be.

If you are looking successful with affiliate marketing, you need to choose a niche that you are really interested in. This will ensure that you put your best effort into promoting products and services and that you are deeply passionate and excited about what you are doing.

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Not building your hub is a big mistake 

Affiliate marketing is a great way t start making money online, but if you don't have a solid foundation in place, you'll almost certainly fail.

Without a hub, you're "homeless", you'll probably struggle to build an affiliate marketing business that's successful long-term.

Building a well-organized hub from the start could potentially grow your business into something truly spectacular!

You can register for this exclusive free Affiliate Marketing Masterclass if you are serious about building a solid affiliate marketing business.

Choosing the wrong product to promote 

A common mistake newbie affiliate marketers make is choosing the wrong product to promote.

Before you start promoting any affiliate products, you must understand what type of product you're selling and what kind of audience you're targeting. You must also be familiar with affiliate marketing to decide which products to promote.

Always ensure that your promotional efforts comply with FTC guidelines and your chosen affiliate program's rules and regulations. 

Is it best to use ClickBank or Private Networks to find products? 

When it comes to finding products to promote, there are a few different options available to you. ClickBank is a popular option for many beginner affiliate marketers because it offers a wide range of products and services to choose from.

I would recommend private networks because you'll have less competition. You can register for this exclusive free Affiliate Marketing Masterclass

If you use both ClickBank and private networks, make sure you focus your promotional efforts on the products that are most likely to succeed for your business.

Depending on your niche, using ClickBank or Private networks to find products can be a great way to start affiliate marketing. With these resources, you can find products that align with your interests and start promoting them online.

Ultimately, the best way to find the best products for your affiliate marketing business is to experiment with different networks and see what works best for you and your business.

Focusing on the wrong product category

When starting, it can be tempting to promote any product that comes your way. This approach is usually not successful. It's essential to focus on specific product categories to maximize your chances of success.

Not understanding how to generate traffic

If you're new to affiliate marketing, you may not know how to generate traffic. That's okay! There are many different ways to get people to your website, and the best way to find out is by trying different methods and seeing what works best for you.

Learn how to generate massive traffic to any website, affiliate offer, or product: Download the free Mass Traffic Blueprint.

Promoting without testing

When starting, it can be tempting to promote any product that comes your way. This approach is usually not successful.

It's essential to focus on specific product categories to maximize your chances of success.

It's crazy (and sad for buyers) that most affiliate marketers promote products they know nothing about to make a few bucks.

Before promoting any product as an affiliate, it's essential to research that particular product category and look if it meets your standards for quality before proceeding with any advertisement or link-sharing efforts.

It's simple, test the product and don't ask others to do something you are not whiling to do yourself... aka don's ask people to buy a product you haven't tested.

When you test your products, you can build trust with your audience.

Not being creative with your images 

In affiliate marketing, when it comes to images, you need to be creative to stand out from the competition. This helps you attract more customers and it'll also make your website look more professional. Here are some tips on how to get started: 

1. Choose a strong headline that accurately reflects what your image is about.

2. Use high-quality graphics and photos that reflect your product or service.

Think outside the box. Include images that show off the product in an interesting way or pictures of you using the product. This will help people to understand the product and why they should buy it.

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Not building an email list from day one

If you want to grow a successful affiliate marketing business, then email marketing is an essential part of the equation. If you don't build an email list, you will have a hard time succeeding.

Why? Because email lists are the lifeblood of affiliate marketing. Without them, you won't be able to generate leads or sell products.

If you want to create success with affiliate marketing, make sure that you build an email list. It's definitely worth the effort!

A few tips to start with list building:

Start by generating leads from your website or blog and capture contact information (name, company, etc.) through forms on your site. Then, send high-quality content that will interest your subscribers and encourage them to sign up for your email newsletters and offers.

Send interesting, valuable follow-up emails. Ensure each email you send includes:

  • Helpful information (e.g., new products or services).

  • Interesting stories (about your subscribers or the industry as a whole).

  • Relevant promotional offers to your audience.

Use effective email design templates and graphics. Including images, bold formatting, headings, and other elements can help make your emails look professional and attractive to readers.

Place ads in related blogs and websites, create social media posts about upcoming offers/events and distribute free samples/lead magnet downloads through social media channels (Facebook groups, Twitter lists).

All of these tactics can help generate more leads for your business! Promote your emails effectively online. 

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Choose a great autoresponder with high delivery 

When you have a good autoresponder, it helps your affiliate marketing business to stay organized and on track. It also helps keep your clients and customers up-to-date on the latest news and events related to your products or services.

A great autoresponder can help you generate more leads and sales from your email list. Get the AWeber Free Plan (At the time I am writing this article, 27th June 2022, they have a completely free plan but it may change in the future).

Not providing value to your audience 

Affiliate marketing is a well-known way to earn an income online (potentially). It's a great way to make money from home. You won't attract leads and sales if you're not providing value to your audience.

These tips for creating content that will help you attract subscribers: 

1. Make sure your content is relevant to your audience. If you're writing about health products, ensure your content is geared towards health enthusiasts. If you're writing about gardening tools, your content needs to be relevant to gardeners.

2. Write engaging and informative content. Your readers will appreciate quality writing, and it will help them stick around longer. What's more, informative articles tend to be more profitable than promotional ones (since people are more likely to buy products after reading about them).

3. Offer valuable resources or advice in your articles. People love getting advice, so offer helpful tips and strategies in each piece of content you write. This will draw people in even further – they'll know that they can trust you with information that's important to them!

Not using relevant keywords in your titles and descriptions 

One common mistake new affiliate marketers make is not using relevant keywords in their titles and descriptions.

When potential customers browse through the search results for a product or service, they are likely to click on the first link.

If your title doesn't include keywords related to your product or service, it's unlikely that someone will find it and click on it. Not only will this lead to fewer sales, but also you may miss out on opportunities to rank higher in future Google searches if people begin searching for related terms.

Not setting up an effective tracking system

Without a way to measure your success, you'll never be able to determine whether your marketing efforts are paying off or if you definitely need to make changes. Without accurate data, optimizing your campaigns and tracking results over time is impossible.

Here you can find our featured tracking tools

Failing to measure results

The best way to ensure success with any online marketing campaign is by regularly measuring results and taking action based on what works best for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS!

Without regular measurement and assessment, there's no way of knowing whether or not changes made are effective – wasting valuable time & energy while also putting yourself at risk of losing money altogether!

Not adding the affiliate disclosure and disclaimer

Not adding the affiliate disclosure is a common mistake that beginners in affiliate marketing make.

Including an affiliate disclosure when promoting products or services through your blog or website is essential.

This will help ensure that you are honest with your readers and potential customers about any links or relationships you have with the company whose product or service you recommend.

Including an affiliate disclaimer can also protect you if someone files a complaint alleging that they were misled by your endorsement of their product or service.

Not adding the affiliate disclosure and disclaimer

For those who are just starting in affiliate marketing, it's important to heed these tips and avoid common affiliate marketing mistakes. By doing so, you'll be on your way to a successful online business.

Not taking the time to learn the best practices can seriously affect your affiliate marketing business.

Thanks for reading.

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